Wildcard Union in Tableau 10.0

Step 1:- Create a new workbook in Tableau 10.0 and select add “Quarter 1.xlsx” as the data source from the Quarter report folder.




Step 2:- Now go to the Sheet1 and drag Number of records from the Measures to the Rows section. Here we can see that the total number of records present now is 5,000.




Step 3:- Now move back to the Data Source tab and Drag the “New Union” button present under the sheets option to the screen. Now a new pop-up window “Union” will appear. Select the “Wildcard” tab from the pop-up window and desired files are added to the wildcard.




Step 4:- Click on Apply and then on Ok button. Now we can find a new Wildcard Union is been created comprising of all the “Quarter*.xlsx” files in that folder.




Step 5:- Now again move back to the sheet1 and here we find that the Number of Records have increased to 15,000.

This technique is used to access split data sources like quarterly reports of a year present in same folder.



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