• Write Back provides users of a dashboard page or an analysis with the ability to modify the data that they see in the table view or add notes to be reviewed.
  • It is the ability in OBIEE to allow the user to enter a value or values directly into a report and have those values written into the database.
  • Values are written back to an actual physical table in the database.
  • Only if the user has the “Write back to database privilege”, then the writeback fields in the reports will editable.  A manager can add notes to be reviewed by other users.

Steps to configure write back:

  1. Add write back columns to say W_GL_BALANCE_F table. (SQL access)
  2. Enable write back for the connection pool (In the repository)
  3. Enable write back for logical columns. (In the repository)
  4. Set the write back permission’s in the presentation layer. (In the repository)
  5. Enable write back in the instanceconfig.xml file. (In the server)
  6. Create the write back template in xml . (In the server)
  7. Grant write back privileges. (OBIEE Admin console)
  8. Create an analysis with columns enabled for write back and verify results. (OBIEE Answers plus)


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