JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

           JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is developed and sold by Oracle Corporation.

          JD Edwards EnterpriseOne contains more than 80 separate application modules designed to support a wide range of business processes. The suite includes supply chain management (SCM) software as well as applications for financial management, project management, enterprise asset management, order management, manufacturing operation management  and operational reporting. The software suite also features mobile applications that support both iOS and Android and can be used on smartphones and tablets.

          In the world of JD Edwards, there are number of ways to generate reports. For users, transactional data is generated through the QBE grid. For C-level executives, strategic data is forecasted in Business Intelligence. But where can you find the analytical data that falls between those two categories?  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting fills the gap between detailed transactional reporting and strategic business intelligence systems.

Overview of  One View Reporting

Creation of One View Report

Running One View Report