BI Publisher : Managing Reports

The Manage Report Jobs page displays information about future scheduled and recurring report jobs and enables us to take actions on these jobs. We can edit the running or future scheduled report jobs here. For this, we will need a running or future scheduled report job. We will now edit the previously scheduled job, which was set to run daily.

STEP 1 :

Click on Report Jobs.



STEP 2 :

We can delete, pause, resume, or edit report jobs from this page using the icons as shown in the image.
Click the Report Job Name. In this example, click Sal Report Job 1 to view the Report Job details.





Click the Edit icon next to the job name as shown below:



STEP 4 :

Edit the Report Job to change the parameters as displayed, select Shipping, Sales & Finance departments from the Department Name drop-down list. Keep the Employee Name as All option.

Click on Submit.



STEP 5 :

Output > Format > PDF.



STEP 6 :

Keep the report name as earlier Sal Report Job 1 > OK.





STEP 7 :

Job is submitted successfully confirmation pop-up window should appear > OK.



STEP 8 :

Click Return to return to the Manage Report Jobs page.



STEP 9 :

Click the Edit icon to edit the report job. We will be taken to the Report Job/Scheduling page.



STEP 10 :

Change Frequency for the same job to Once, select the Run Now option > Submit As New.



STEP 11 :

Name this Report Job as Sal Report Job 2 > OK.



STEP 12 :

Job is submitted successfully confirmation pop-up window should appear > OK.



STEP 13 :

Click on Home > Report Job History.

The Report Job History page displays information about running and completed report jobs.



STEP 14 :

The Report Job History for Sal Report Job 2 is displayed as shown below. The parameters display and output options are as set by us.



STEP 15 :

Click Output 1 link in the list to see how the scheduled report is displayed.



STEP 16 :

The report is displayed in PDF format.


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