Change Data Capture (CDC)

Changed Data Capture (CDC) allows Oracle Data Integrator to track changes in source data caused by other applications. When running integration interfaces, thanks to CDC, Oracle Data Integrator can avoid processing unchanged data in the flow.

Reducing the source data flow to only changed data is useful in many contexts, such as data synchronization and replication. It is essential when setting up an event-oriented architecture for integration. In such an architecture, applications make changes in the data (“Customer Deletion”, “New Purchase Order”) during a business process. These changes are captured by Oracle Data Integrator and transformed into events that are propagated throughout the information system.

Changed Data Capture is performed by journalizing models. Journalizing a model consists of setting up the infrastructure to capture the changes (inserts, updates and deletes) made to the records of this model’s datastores.

Oracle Data Integrator supports two journalizing modes:

  • Simple Journalizing tracks changes in individual datastores in a model.
  • Consistent Set Journalizing tracks changes to a group of the model’s datastores, taking into account the referential integrity between these datastores. The group of datastores journalized in this mode is called a Consistent Set.

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