Creating a Time Dimension Table Using the Data Modeler

Step 1: Open a browser give the cloud url. Provide your Identity domain. Check the Save your identity domain selection for future sign-ins. Click on Go.

Identity Domain

Step 2: Sign in to Cloud by providing your username and password.

Sign in to cloud

Step 3: In the Oracle Cloud Homepage click the Data Modeler.


Step 4: The Data Modeler opens, here you can see that the model is made up of the Facts tables, the Dimension tables and the Joins between them. Click on the Lock to Edit button to make changes to the model.

Data Modeler homepage

Step 5: Click on the Model Actions. Click on Create Time Dimension.

click on model actions

Step 6: In the Create Time Dimension Dialog box, specify the names of the database table, dimension tables and the hierarchical columns and your own custom level of hierarchies. Change the names if required. Click next.

time dimension dialog box

Step 7: Click Create and the following objects will be added to your model.

click create & done

Step 8: When you see the message ,”The time dimension was created successfully.”, Click done.

click done

Step 9: Now you see the database table appear in the database pane and you can also check for the data.

times in database pane

Step 10: Click on time in the dimension pane and then click the source data.

click source data


Step 11: Now you can validate the data model by clicking on the tick symbol. Then you can see the message the , ‘This model is valid’.

click on the tick symbol

Step 12: Now you can publish the model with no errors to the subject area. Click on publish. This will also unlock the model.

click on publish model

Step 13: You can now navigate to the visual analyzer to use the time dimension that is available in the subject area to create projects, reports & dashboards.

Project using the time dimension


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