Creating Calculated Measures in OBICS Data Modeler

Creating Calculated Measures in OBICS Data Modeler

If the fact table does not include all the measures you need, then you can create a measure that is calculated from other measures.


  1. In Data Modeler, click Lock to Edit button.

lock to edit button

  1. The Information dialog box displays confirming that you have successfully locked the model for editing.

information dbox

  1. Click OK. The model is locked by the current user for editing.

locked by current user 

  1. Now click on Revenue Metrics.


  1. The properties of Revenue Metrics are displayed.


  1. In the Columns area, click Add Columns.

The New Column editor is displayed.


  1. Perform the following actions :
  • In the Name field, type Average Order Size.
  • In the expression box, type “Revenue Metrics”.”Revenue”/”Revenue Metrics”.”# of Orders”
  • Click Validate.
  1. The Information dialog box displays a message confirming that the expression is valid.


  1. Click OK to close the Information dialog box.
  1. Leave Aggregation set to Before calculating, which means that the expression includes measures that are already aggregated. Click Done.
  1. The Average Order Size calculated measure is listed in the Columns area. Note that its aggregation is set to Pre-Aggregated.


  1. Click Done again. The Revenue Metrics fact table contains 11 measures.


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