Creation of One View Report

Step 1: To navigate JD Edward login page, enter the following URL: http://server:port/jde/E1Menu.maf. Provide the Credentials and Click on Sign In.


Step 2: You will be redirected to Oracle JD Edwards Home Page. To move to the Application from which you want to create a report, move through Navigator >> Financials >> Accounts Receivable >> Daily Processing >> Accounts Receivable Inquiries >> One View Customer Ledger Inquiry.


Step 3: The Application One View Customer Ledger Inquiry opens. To filter specific Data, click on the Magnifying Glass relevant to Company.


Step 4: From the given set of Company Names, Select an option e.g. 00077 and click on Tick Mark.


Step 5: Click on the Find icon to apply the Filter on Data.


Step 6: To create new Report, Select One View icon and then Create New Report.


Step 7: In the Report Definition tab, there are various option that you need to consider.

a. Select Naming Convention for Data Model : You can either use Column Title that describes about the report Columns in BI Publisher Editor as same as in the Application or you can use Data Dictionary Item Name for showing the Columns Title in more than one language preference in in BI Publisher Editor.

b. Select Default Row Set to Run Report: In this option, you could either choose Retrieve record Count 500 which allows you to select 500 rows total or Current Data which displays the data currently shown in grid or Retrieve all records matching the condition.

To add Columns to the report simply click on Plus(+) Sign associated with the Column and it will be added in the Selected Column List.

c. Selected Columns: It displays all the columns that will be included in the Report. You could also deselect a particular column present by clicking on X symbol from Selected Columns.


Step 8: To save the newly created report click on Save icon. It will prompt you to give a name for the Report. Provide a name to the Report and Click OK.


Step 9: The BI Publisher Layout Editor opens automatically and you can now select the Layout for your Report. You can select either from Basic Template or from Shared Template. Let’s choose Enterprise One View Chart and Table.


Step 10: The above selected Template has a Chart, a Table and a JD Edwards Enterprise One logo. You can find the Selected fields in the One View Customer Ledger Inquiry ApplicationĀ  under Rowset Folder on the left Panel.


Step 11: To create a Chart, drop the Values and Labels under respective Areas. In our Case Open amount and Gross Amount are added as Value and Customer Name is added as Label.


Step 12: To Create a Table, Simply drag and drop the Columns under Data Table Description.


Step 13: To make Group for Column Customer Name, first select the Column then under Grouping and then select Group left.


Step 14: Next change the Report Title and finally save the Layout by providing a suitable Name.


Step 15: Close the Layout Editor now by clicking on Close Button. Do not Sign Out from BI Publisher. This conclude Creating Report in BI Publisher using One View Application.

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