Data Loading from SQL Developer : Loading Data into your Database Schema Service

In this section, you add some tables from another database into your Cart and deploy to the cloud. Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Select View > Cart.



Step 2: Open a connection to the database that contains the data you want to load. Drag the database objects to the cart. In this example, you drag the EMPLOYEES table to the cart. You can drag additional tables into the cart as required. In this example, W_LEDGER_D  from the BIAPPS schema are dragged to the cart.




Step 3: Enter a Title (no spaces) and click Replace existing destination objects for Deploy DDL and click Apply. Note that the Deploy Data section is not available because you only only selected the DDL option (from the cart). Click Apply. (If an error message appears, check your SFTP User and Password settings. If Port 22 does not work, try 2222.)



Step 4: The file will be created and uploaded to the SFTP server and then imported into your database Schema Service.



Step 5: Expand Deployments and select the deployment you just created. Review the details. You may need to click the Refresh button. When the status is PROCESSEDthis means the deployment completed successfully.




Step 6: If you review the list of tables now, you see the tables you just deployed in the list.



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