Datasets, Tables and Views


Dataset is a collection of all the tables and views created for a specific project. A table or view must be stored under a specific Dataset. You share BigQuery data with others by defining roles and setting permissions for organizations, projects, and datasets, but not on the tables or views within them.


A BigQuery table contains individual records organized in rows, and a data type assigned to each column (also called a field). Every table is defined by a schema that describes field names, types, and other information. You can specify the schema of a table during the initial table creation request, or you can create a table without a schema and declare the schema in the query.


A view is a virtual table defined by a SQL query. You can query views in BigQuery using the web UI or the command-line tool. BigQuery’s views are logical views, not materialized views. Thus, the query that defines the view is run each time the view is queried.

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