Developing Repository [BISAMPLE] : Business Layer

BISAMPLE : Business Layer

STEP : 1

  • Right Click on the Business Layer and Mapping region and select New Business Model.


  • On the Dialog Box that appears enter the name as Sample Sales. Leave the Disabled box checked.


  • Click on Ok. The sample sales business model now appears on the Business Model area.
  • Drag the Following Four alias from the Physical Layer to the Sample Sales Business Model.
  • D1 TimeD2 ProductD3 CustomerD4 Revenue
  • The F1 Revenue has a # sign indicating it is a Fact table.


  • Right click on the sample sales business model and select Business Model Diagram > Whole Diagram.


  • This Opens the Business Model Mapping.


  • On the Business Model and Mapping layer, Expand the D1 Time.
  • Rename the D1 Time Logical Table Source to LTS1 Time.


  • Now Right click on any of the column(e.g: BEG_OF_MTH_WID) to rename it as Beg of Mth Wid.


  • Similarly you could rename all the columns or use the Rename Wizard.
  • Go to Tools >> Utilities.


  • Select Rename Wizard from the appeared list and click on Execute.


  • In select object screen click on Business Model and Mapping.
  • Expand the Sample Sales Business Model so that all the tables appear.
  • Expand D1 Time Logical table and select all the columns except Beg of Mth Wid ( as we have already renamed it).


  • Click on Add.
  • Similarly repeat the above steps for the remaining table to add their columns to the rename pane. click on Next.


  • Select the logical column Checkbox. and click on Next.
  • On the Rules Window select All lower case, Change each occurrence of ‘_’ into space, First letter of each word capital.
  • Add the above rules one after the other in the given sequence.
  • Click on Next >> Finish.
  • On the Business layer you will see that all the columns have been renamed as per given rules.
  • Expand F1 Revenue and delete all the columns except Revenue and Units.


  • Double click on the Revenue logical column. Select the Aggregation tab.
  • Change the Default aggregation rule from None to Sum.
  • Click on OK.


  • Repeat the same for the Sum logical column.
  • The next step in developing repository is the creation of Presentation layer.

To know about creation of Presentation layer, Click here.

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