Dynamic visualization using animation package in R

Dynamic visualization means that we can see the concept or theory vividly, just like a video or movie. For example, in the Monte Carlo simulation, we could generate a set of random numbers from certain distributions, such as a uniform or a normal distribution.

There are many ways to retrieve one specific stock’s information. One is called sequential search. In a sequential search, we pick up the first stock and compare it with our target. If it doesn’t match, we go to the next stock.

(The above code would show the Brownian moving dynamically.)


Saving dynamic visualization as HTML file

As you can see in the above image a index file is generated which can be shown to the audiences.


The below video is of the dynamic motion created for the Random walk on 2D plane using the above code from the html generated. The generated html shows the below page in with there is a dynamic motion.



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