Embedding Dashboard into a website Tableau

This post is based on assuming that you have the pre-requisites for the Tableau creation of reports and the Tableau services.

Once you have published your reports, dashboards, or stories from the Tableau Desktop to any of the 3 web applications i.e Tableau Server, Tableau Online or Tableau public then you can then embed your Visualizations to your website using java script code that is available in the share option available in any one of the above.

Step 1: Go to any one of the above mentioned Tableau service. I will be using the Tableau Online for this purpose and will show the embedding of the dashboards or reports here in this website.

Sign in to the Tableau Online : online.tableau.com

Use your credentials to sign in to Tableau Online.



Step 2: After you sign in to Tableau Online you can click on the projects. then click on the workbook you want to embed in your website.



Step 3 : After clicking on the workbook or view you can then click on any one of the sheets and click on the share option.





Step 4: When you click on the share option you will see two other options:

1. Send the dashboard report or the story as a mail.(Provides the direct link to send as mail)
2. To embed the Java script code to any other website or application.

You select the text and copy it from there by right click then copy.


Step 5: As I am using, the WordPress hosted, website of our company I will show how to embed it in our website. You can also embed this code in an HTML file.

Sign in to WordPress and select a new post.



Step 7: Now you can name your post and select the Text tab from the work space.



Step 8: Here you can paste you codes you have copied from the Tableau Online.



Step 9: After completing the above steps you can publish your post which is a HTML page embedded with your Tableau work. Your Page will look like presentation below. Click on Sign in to Tableau Online and provide your credentials and you will be able to see your published work.

After the Visualization appears you can also click on the tabs to see the other reports, dashboards or stories.




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