Features of Google BigQuery

Server less: Server less data warehousing gives you the resources needed. With BigQuery, you can focus on your data and analysis, rather than operating and sizing computing resources.

Real time Analytics: BigQuery’s high-speed streaming insertion API provides a powerful foundation for real-time analytics. It allows you to analyze what’s happening now by making your latest business data immediately available for analysis.

Petabyte scale: BigQuery is fast and easy to use on data of any size. With BigQuery you’ll get great performance on your data, while knowing you can scale seamlessly to store and analyze petabytes more without having to buy more capacity.

Standard SQL : BigQuery supports a standard SQL dialect, reducing the need for code rewrite and allowing you to take advantage of advanced SQL features. BigQuery provides free ODBC and JDBC drivers to ensure your current applications can interact with BigQuery’s powerful engine.

Data Encryption and Security: You have full control over who has access to the data stored in Google BigQuery. BigQuery makes it easy to maintain strong security with fine-grained identity and access management with Google Cloud IAM, and your data is always encrypted at rest and in transit.

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