Flexfields are user-defined fields that enable the user to customize the properties of Oracle Data Integrator objects. Flexfields are defined for an object type (for example, the Project object type) in the Flexfield tab of Object Editor. The flexfield values are provided for each object instance in the Flexfield tab of the instance’s Editor (for example, the Datawarehouse Project Editor). Flexfield values can be used programatically using through Oracle Data Integrator substitution methods.

In ODI you can create user-defined fields on certain objects. You can think of these fields as additional attributes for certain objects. At design time you populate these attributes with values that are then used at runtime, e.g. by a Knowledge Module. There are various Flexfields defined out of the box for very specific requirements, e.g. there are Flexfields defined on the Datastore object for SAP and HIVE data integration tasks.

You create Flexfields in the Security module under the Objects accordion. You can’t create Flexfields for all of the objects. While you can create a Flexfield for an Interface you can’t create a Flexfield for an Interface Target Table.
Once you have created the Flexfield you can then populate it with values in Designer.

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