Importing Data into Existing OBICS Tables Using Tools in SQL Workshop

This article will focus on loading data into the existing OBICS tables using the SQL Workshop tools present in the Oracle Application Express.

Step 1: In the Oracle Application Express home page, Click on SQL Workshop.


Step 2: Select Utilities under SQL Workshop.


Step 3: Select Data Workshop which loads and unloads data using text files, XML or spreadsheets.


Step 4: Select Text Data for loading a CSV file into an existing cloud table.


Step 5: On selecting Text Data, the Load Data – Target and Method dialog box appears. Select Load to Existing Table.


Step 6: In Load Data – Table Owner and Name dialog box, for Table Owner select the database schema to which the table belongs and for Table Name select the table to which you want to load data. Here we have selected the DEMO_BICS_APEX table.


Step 7: Choose the CSV file you want to load into your table.


Step 8: Insert Comma for separator, double quotes for Optionally Enclosed By and uncheck the First row contains column names. Click Next.


Step 9: Here select the column names in which order the columns are present in the table. Then click Load Data.


Step 10: Under Text Data Load Repository, it shows the CSV file being uploaded with a status Data Loaded.


Step 11: Now in SQL Workshop go to Object Browser.


Step 12: In Object Browser under tables, select the DEMO_BICS_APEX table.


Step 13: On Selecting the Data tab, you can see all the data that has been uploaded into the table.


Step 14: Sign in to the Oracle Cloud with your user credentials. On selecting DEMO_BICS_APEX table in the Data Modeler you can see the uploaded data.


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