Importing data from Source to Target

The main objective of this lab is to transfer the data from the source table to target table using Informatica 9.1.0.We have a source table named as customer(containing data)  and target table(empty) as customer_target. The source and target table may or may not be present on the same schema.

Please follow the following steps.


  • Go to All Programs and Run Informatica as administrator.


  • Go to Repositories and Connect.


  • Click on Repository Manager.


  • Go to Folder on the toolbar and select Create. This will allow you to create a folder where you will be able to save your lab.

  • Provide a name for the folder (e.g X_FOLDER_1)
  • Refresh the Repository so that the new folder appears.


  • Right click on the folder and Connect.


  • In the tools select Source Analyzer so that the source analyzer window appears.


  • On the toolbar of Source Analyzer
  • Click on Sources>>Import from Database.

  • Provide the ODBC data source, Username and Password of the source schema.
  • Click on Connect so that all tables from the schema appears.

  • Select the table(s) you want to import and click ok.
  • Now should be able to see that in the Source Analyzer window the imported table(s) appears.


Go to Target Analyzer.

  • Select Target on the toolbar.
  • Go to Target>>Import from Database.

  • Provide the ODBC data source, Username and Password of the Target schema.
  • All the tables present in the schema appears, Select the Target table(s)  and click on ok.

  • In the Target Analyzer the imported target tables appears with all its attributes.


  • Go to Mapping Designer.

  • Drag the Source table and Target table from the Source folder and Target folder into the Mapping Designer provide a name to the mapping in the appeared pop-up.

  • The Source linked with a Source Qualifier and the target tables appear in the mapping designer window.

  • Now, Link each column from the Source Qualifier to the respective column in the target table. Links will appear.

  • Save the mapping.

STEP 10:

  • Right click on the mapping folder and click on Versioning>>Check In.

  • Give a Versioning code and click on Apply to All.

STEP 11:

  • Right click on mapping and Generate Workflow.

  • A Workflow Generator Wizard will appear.

  • Provide the Connection Object for the Source and Target and click on Next.

  • Click on Finish to Generate Workflow.

STEP 12:

  • Now, Go to Workflow and select Workflow Designer.

  • Drag and drop the mapping you created in the Workflow Designer.

  • Now, the Workflow Designer will appear as below

STEP 13:

  • Right click on mapping and select Start Workflow.

  • Now you will be directed to the Workflow Monitor tab automatically, If not directed then select the Workflow Monitor in the toolbar.
  • The result of the workflow can be viewed in workflow monitor.

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