Managing Favorites & Setting Preferences

Managing Favorites & Setting Preferences in Oracle BI Cloud Service :

  1. Click on ‘Catalog’ in the Oracle BI Cloud Home page.
  2. This page displays Folders & Objects to which you have access.

Click on catalog

  1. Here you can search for an object that you want to use regularly by clicking on the search icon in the tool bar.
  2. Enter ‘Top Products’ in the Search field, select ‘Company Shared’ in the Location list, select ‘analysis’ for Type and click Search.

search icon_ search for analysis

  1. To add Top Products to the Favourites list, click on More option, then from the drop-down list, select Add to Favourites.

More & add to favourites

  1. Here you can see Gold star symbol is added next to the Analysis to indicate that it is one of your favourites.

gold star added

  1. Navigate to the global header, click Analyses, then click Favourites.

in global header click analysis and favourites

Accessing Favourites from Oracle BI Cloud Home page :

On clicking the Favourites in the Home page, you can see the ‘Top Product’ Analysis being listed below.

top products in the home

Removing Favourites from Oracle BI Cloud Home page :

  1. In the Home page, click Analyses, select Favourites tab.
  2. Click the Gear icon next to Top Products Analyses, then select Remove from Favourites.

removing favourites

  1. Here you can see the Top Products Analyses is no longer available in the Favourites list.

no longer available in favourites

Setting Personal Preferences :


The Preferences teb gives the user the ability to specify its own Personal Preferences, such as dashboard starting page, location, language, currency and time zone.


  1. In the Home page, click on your User Name, and then select My Account.

 click on user name_my account 

  1. In the My Account dialog box, click the Starting Page drop-down list, select SampleApp : Sample Dashboard as your default.
  2. Also modify the time zone as per your requirement.

starting page & time zone new

  1. Click Mobile Preferences tab, select My Dashboard from the Starting Page drop-down list, then click OK.

mobile preferences

  1. To make sure that your starting page is now SampleApp : Sample Dashboard, sign out and sigh back in.

sign back & see sample dashboard

  1. The SampleApp : Sample Dashboard is displayed as your Starting Page.

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