Managing What Users Can See & Do

Managing What Users Can See & Do

Step 1: Open the Console link in the OBICS home page.



Step 2: Select the Users and roles.


Users and Roles


Step 3: An application role comprises a set of privileges that determine what users can see and do after signing in to Oracle BI Cloud Service. It’s the administrator’s job to assign people to one or more application role. The Application Role Management have 3 tabs, Users Roles and Application roles. There are the predefined Users & Roles. You can also add your own application roles accordingly.



Step 4: You can also create application roles of your own to suit your business. Click on the Application Roles to add your custom application roles.

Application Roles


Step 5: Click on add to add a new custom application role.

Add Custom application role

Step 6: Click on Manage Application Roles option and select Manage Application Roles.


manage application roles



Step 7: Then in the dialog box, select & add the available application roles & click OK.

select an application role

Step 8: Again click on manage application roles and click on manage members. Here you search for the user who you want to assign the application role. Click OK.

Manage Members search for users

Step 9: Navigate to the catalog by clicking on the Catalog link on the top.



Step 10: Here select an analyses, dashboard. Click on more options and then permissions.

go to catalog and click on permissions

Step 11: In the permissions dialog box click on the ‘+’ symbol. Here you add the permissions for the specific users.


Click plus


Step 12: Search for a specific user for permission. In the set permission to drop-down select the appropriate permission you want to set for that particular user. Click OK twice.

search memebers and set permissions


Step 13: Now you sign out from the current session and login as the user you have given permission. He would be able to do the things he is permitted to.

For example: If you have set, the set permission to , to modify then you will be able to edit the analysis/dashboards/Project.


permission given modify so u can edit



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