Mapping Designer

Step 1:- Log on to Informatica Cloud account with a valid User Name and Password


Step 2:- Go to Connections tab by clicking on Configure button. Now click on New button to create new connection.


Step 3:- Create a new connection and name it as Source and select required connection type, and also fill other details according to the connection type selected. For this example I have selected a flat file connection and used an pokemon  data as source.csv file

Similarly I have created another connection called destination with a blank destination.csv file in it.


Here is the source.csv file that is given as source.


Step 4:- Now go to Mappings tab by clicking on Design button. Click on New Mapping and enter the desired name then click on OK button.


Step 5:- Drag the required artifacts from the left pane and link them according to your requirement. Now select the Source artifact and go to the Source Properties at the bottom of the screen and select desired properties.


Step 6:- Select filter artifact and in the properties go to the Filter section. Add the desired filter(s) according to the requirement for example I have added HP greater than 50 on a pokemon data.


Step 7:- Similarly select all other artifacts selected from the pane one by one and select desired properties.


Step 8:- After selecting all the desired properties, Now click Save and Run under the Save drop down menu.


Step 9:- Now the page is directed to Activity Monitor page where you can check the ongoing process. Or you can click on Activity Monitor under Monitor tab to check the progress manually. Once it is completed there will be no log under it.


Step 10:-  Now click on Activity Log under Monitor tab to check whether the Process is successful or incomplete.


Here is the output file i.e. the destination.csv file from destination connection