Mobile web Application in APEX

Mobile applications are designed to run specifically on smartphone devices and hence they must be built with extremely minimal, semantic HTML that is optimized for mobile connections. Mobile applications developed with Oracle Application Express are browser-based applications that run inside the browser on the mobile device.


Step 0: You create a Mobile application and add list and form pages to the application.

Step 1: Click on the Application Builder.



Step 2: Click Create.



Step 3: Click Mobile.


Step 4: Enter Mobile App for Name. Click the up arrow to select the Theme for the mobile application. Click the Theme Style select list to view the available theme colors. Theme styles provide different color schemes and styling. Blue and Red are the two Theme Styles that a re available. Select Blue and click Next.



Step 5: Click Add Page to add pages in the application.


Step 6: Select List View and Form page type. List View is optimized to display data and provide easy navigation on Smartphones. This page type builds a two page List View and Form combination of pages. On the first page, you can select a row to update from the List View. On the second page, you can add a new record, and update or delete the selected record.
Select Home(1) for Subordinate to Page, DEMO_CUSTOMERS for Table Name, and CUST_FIRST_NAME for Display Column. Click Add Page.



Step 7: Click Add Page again to add more pages to the application.



Step 8: Select List View and Form. Select Home(1) for Subordinate to Page, DEMO_PRODUCT_INFO for Table Name, and PRODUCT_NAME for Display Column. Click Add Page.



Step 9: Click Next.



Step 10: Accept the default and click Next.



Step 11: Change the Authentication Scheme to “Application Express Accounts”. Click Next.



Step 12: Click on the Create Application.



Step 13: Your application has been successfully created. The application definition is displayed with the various pages that you added using the Create Application wizard. Click on Run Application.



Step 14: Then you are redirected to the Login page in the new tab. Here you enter the user name and password then login to the application. From here you can copy the whole url and can use it in any mobile device to run the application. You can also add it to the home-screen.



Step 15: The Application is opened in a new tab. Then you provide your Login credentials and log in to the application.



Step 16: You can click on the Demo Customers in the menu page and See the values of the column u select in the creation time.



Step 17: Now you can access the information and then make the necessary changes.



You can also resize the browser to see the adjustable size.


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