Exploring The Data Modeler

Modelling with Oracle BI Cloud Service Data Modeler :

Launching Data Modeler

  1. In the browser, enter the URL for the Oracle Cloud instance, specify your identity domain.

Identity Domain

  1. Sign In to Oracle Cloud with your user credentials.

Sign in to cloud

  1. The Home page for the Oracle BI Cloud Service is displayed.

home page of cloud service

  1. On the Home page, click Modeler to launch Data Modeler.

The Data Modeler is displayed.

data modeler displayed

Exploring Data Sources

  1. From the Database Accordion, click W_AP_AGING_SUPPLIER_A.

Data Modeler displays the W_AP_AGING_SUPPLIER_A table structure in the Overview tab.

overview tab

  1. Click the Data tab. Data Modeler displays the table data.

data tab

Building a Model

Locking and Renaming the Data Model :


  1. In Data Modeler, click Lock to Edit button.

lock to edit button

  1. The Information dialog box displays confirming that you have successfully locked the model for editing.

information dbox

  1. Click OK. The model is locked by the current user for editing.

locked by current user

  1. Click the Model Actions icon , and select Rename Model.

select rename model

  1. The Rename Data Model dialog box is displayed.

rename data model

  1. Type SampleApp, and click OK. The data model is renamed.


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