Uploading an rpd to Cloud as a Datasource

Step 1: On the Cloud home page click on the console link.


Step 2: Select Snapshots and Models.

snapshot and model


Step 3: It helps you to take backup of your data & restoring the data.

a)New Snapshot: Here you can take the snapshot of the whole catalog, application roles and the data model.

b)Upload Snapshot: Here you can upload the downloaded snapshot (.bar) files.

c)Replace Data Model: Here you can upload a new data model/subject area by a .rpd file.


snapshot methods


Step 4: Then it is wise to take a snapshot of the previous data. Click on New Snapshot. Give description for future reference. Click OK.

New snapshot


Step 5: Snapshot is saved. Now click on Replace data model. Choose the .rpd file you want to upload. Click OK.

repalce datamodel



Step 6: Your .rpd file is successfully uploaded.

New rpd uploaded


Step 7: Now you can create your own Analyses, Dashboards & Projects from the Data Model you uploaded.

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