Creation Of Dashboard & Action Link

Creation of Dashboard :-

STEP 1 :

> Click on Dashboard then Select My Dashboard.



STEP 2 :

> Click on “Edit Dashboard” as shown in figure. (Either click on right top of the screen or directly click on the Pencil symbol middle of the screen which indicates the ” Edit ” option.



STEP 3 :

> Add an Analysis to the empty Dashboard page from Catalog panel by dragging it to the page.



STEP 4 :

> From the Section “Properties”

– Enable the “Drill in Place” option

– Disable the “Collapsible” option







STEP 5 :

> Rename the Dashboard if you want.

– Open up the “”Dashboard Properties

– Rename the Dashboard page be: “Revenue by Quarter”








Below Screen will appear for Renaming:



STEP 6 :

> Save and the run your first Dashboard page

9 9.1





















 Creation of Action Link :

STEP 7 :

> Go to the Dashboard Editor, staying within the Dashboard Editor, awitch over to edit the “Rvenue by Quarter” Dashboard page

> Drag a new “Action Link” object into the bottom of the existing Section on the first Column.



STEP 8 :

> Open up the properties for the Action Link and specify the following “Link Text”:

– There are some Customer Sales Order

> Then make the Action Link conditional so that it will only appear when the following condition is true.









Select the desired condition:









STEP 9 :

> Click on Properties Action.


>Then define a new “in-line” Action to be invoked by the action Link:

– Action Type: Navigate to BI Content


– BI Content: My Folders>My Dashboard >Service Status

NOTE:- Previously create a Dashboard Named “Service Status”.

> Select the next dashboard:



STEP 10 :

> Save and Test the Result.



Click on the link created (as highlighted in the above image).

> Result Screen will look like this (linked Dashboard):





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