Oracle EPM Planning Demo for RLJ Entertainment

Oracle EPM Modules :

  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service
  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Training Library
  • Oracle Financial Management Analytics
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Oracle Hyperion Tax Governance


EPM Architecture :


Managing Planning Data Sources :

In Shared Service Console Create A New Application Group.


In System Workspace Create A New Data Source For RLJE Planning Database :


Creating A Classic Planning Application :

In System Workspace Create A New Planning Application.

Navigate to Navigate > Administer > Planning Administration.



In Planning Application Administration Hit NEXT > CREATE.


Application Created :



Opening The Planning Application :

Initialize The Application.



Database Creation :

Select Administration > Application > Create Database.




Loading Data Into Application :

EAS Console To Be Used For Loading Data.



Select the Application > Right Click > Load Data.



Select the Data File to be Loaded :


The Data is Loaded to the Application :




Hyperion Planning Data Forms are the main input mechanism to gather end user budgets and forecasts and oftentimes, are the only component an end user interacts with in Planning.

  • Entering Data : Like a spreadsheet, we can copy and paste data into a cell, row, or column
  • Ad-Hoc Calculations : Data forms allow you to perform cell “what-if” scenarios to determine the impact of a number change.
  • Supporting Detail : Supporting detail allows users to enter additional lines of detail below the lowest level of account contained in the application.
  • Adjust, Grid Spread and Mass Allocation : The Adjust feature lets us adjust a cell or cells by a value or percent.
  • Exporting to a Spreadsheet : There’s the spreadsheet export that copies the POV, page, row and column members into an Excel spreadsheet, along with the data grid. The result is a file that is disconnected from Planning, although it could be used as a lock and send sheet by connecting through either the Essbase Add-In or Smart View.

The Sample Data Forms are Created, Custom Data Forms can be added.


The Balance Sheet Form :




  • Free-Form Reporting Addon to Excel.
  • Free-form reporting enables us to extract information from a connected data source by typing member names into the grid.
  • Free-form reporting is very efficient if we are familiar with the database outline. We can also use the following Smart View and Excel options with free-form reporting:- Select additional members by using the POV or Member Selection dialog-box- Use ad hoc retrieval options, such as zoom in and out; pivot, etc.- Use VBA functions to customize and automate worksheets.- Format member and data cells.

Connect Through Smart View Addin :



The Sample Data shown can be modified or New Reports can be generated :




FDM and ERP Integrator :

  • ERPi functions as an adapter for FDM in order to extract GL data from compatible source systems.
  • ERPi enables drill through from highly aggregated amounts in Hyperion all the way back to source transactional detail.
  • Drilling from target system runs through FDM.
  • Simple, pre-packaged approach to ERP to EPM integration.
  • Allows you to focus on the EPM application instead of the pain of integration.
  • Business user driven configuration and management.
  • Increased confidence in data and integration process.
  • Direct integration with ERP Sources.
  • Oracle EBS GL 11.5.10 cu2, 12.0.6, 12.1.1

ERPi Architecture :



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