Previewing your Mobile App

Previewing Your Mobile App :

  1. Click preview to open a web preview of your app.


  1. Notice that the preview opens with the last page you were working, in this case the Revenue Analyses page.


  1. Optional:

If you have a QR Code scanner app on your mobile device, preview the app on your mobile instead of on the web.

a) Click Share.


b) The QR code for the app preview is displayed. Use a QR code scanner on your mobile device to scan your code.


  1. Form the Revenue Analyses page, tap the page list icon to display the list of pages in the app.


  1. In the page list, tap Cover Page. Cover Page is displayed.


  1. In the table, tap the header for the Revenue column to sort revenue data.

Notice that the up arrow in the column header is activated, indicating that data is sorted in ascending order.


  1. To sort in descending order, tap the column header a second time.


  1. Click Edit to return to the Mobile App Designer.


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