Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is the industry’s first BI platform in the cloud that makes analytics available to everyone, from the work group to the enterprise. BI Cloud Service empowers users of any skill level, from any department, to easily combine data from diverse sources and quickly create rich, interactive analytic applications and reports.

Uploading an rpd

Managing What Users Can See & Do

Managing Favourites & Setting Preferences

Adding Your Own Data File

Adding a New Data Source To The Existing Project

Creating a Time Dimension Table Using the Data Modeler

Creating An Analysis Using OBI Cloud Service

Loading Data with Oracle BI Cloud Service Data Sync

Exploring The Data Modeler

Building Fact and Dimension table in Data Modeler

Building the Products Dimension Table in the Data Modeler

Creating a Dashboard in Oracle BI Cloud

Creating Hierarchies in the Data Modeler

Renaming Dimension Table Columns in Data Modeler

Modeling Fact Table Measures in Data Modeler

Creating Calculated Measures in Data Modeler

Publishing your Data Model

Data Loading From SQL Developer : Installing an Application into your Database Schema Service

Data Loading from SQL Developer : Loading Data into your Database Schema Service

Extracting data from OBICS using the RESTful data Services

Create a RESTful web service in Oracle Database Cloud Service

Importing Data into Existing OBICS Tables Using Tools in SQL Workshop

Mobile web Application in APEX

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop : Getting Started