Publish an App in the Apps Library

Step 1: After creating the app click on the publish button on the top.

click publish


Step 2: In the Publish dialog box select the location of the Apps Library in which you want to publish your app. Click next.


publish app dialog


Step 3: In the next step you will be asked to enter the attributes, specify whether your app is a new app or previously published app. Specify the Title of your app inside the bar where the arrow is pointing. Select an image for the cover image. Click next.

Enter attributes


Step 4: After you click on next there a message is prompted that your app is valid. Now you have to click on the publish button to publish it in the Local Apps library.




Step 5: Now you are prompted with a message that your app is published successfully. You can return to the designer layout by clicking on the “Return” button. Or you can click on “View” to view the Apps Library. Click on “View” button.


view in library


Step 6: Here you can see your application is published in the apps library. Click on the highlighted area to Subscribe the app and add it to My Apps. (To run this on your device , give the url of your local host network and the port. for example :  http://<hostname>:<port>/mobile/appstore/

You can also give the url of your remote machine if you have published on your remote machine’s Apps Library.)

click on this to subscribe the app


Step 7: Now you can subscribe by clicking on that “Subscribe” button. After you subscribe the text color changes to grey & text to Subscribed.


Step 8: Now you can go back to the my apps to see your app and click on it to run the app.


My apps


Step 9: Your homepage looks like the following image below.

app home page


Step 10: Then click on the menu button to navigate to the 1st page. Then click on any of the analysis to got to the sub-page for the detailed analysis.


1st page


Step 11: The detailed view of the analysis is shown in the below snapshot.




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