Publishing Your Data Model in Data Modeler

Publishing The Model

After you build the model, you publish it to make it available as a subject area for creating analyses and dashboards.

  1. Click Publish Model, and select Publish and Unlock.


  1. A message confirms that the model was published successfully. The model is unlocked so that other users can update it.


  1. After publishing the model, you can verify the subject area and its objects. On the banner, clickAnalyses.

pub3 new

  1. On the Analyses page, click Create Analysis. The Select Subject Area dialog box is displayed.


  1. Click SampleApp.

The SampleApp subject area lists the fact and dimension tables from the model as folders.

pub4 new

  1. Optional:Expand the SampleApp folders to display their columns. For example, expand the Revenue Metrics folder to display its measure columns, or expand the Orders folder to display the attribute columns and the Channels hierarchical column.


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