Python Integrated Development Environment(IDLE)

IDLE is an integrated development environment (an application like a word processor which helps developers to write programs) for Python. IDLE is the Python IDE which comes with Python. It has two modes Interactive and Development.

Features of IDLE

  • Cross Platform : Works on Unix and Windows.
  • Multi-window text editor with syntax highlighting and smart indent and other.
  • Python shell window with syntax highlighting.
  • Integrated debugger.
  • Coded in Python.

Python IDLE : Interactive Mode

Step 1: Install the Python IDLE on your Computer and then click on the windows button, go to apps and you can see the python you have installed. Click on the IDLE (Python 3.5 32-bit) under Python 3.5.

Step 2: To start IDLE click on IDLE (Python GUI) icon, you will see a new window opens up and the cursor is waiting beside ‘>>>’ sign which is called command prompt.

Step 3: This mode is called interactive mode as you can interact with IDLE directly, you type something (single unit in programming language) and press enter key Python will execute it, but you can not execute your entire program here. At command prompt type copyright and press enter key Python executes the copyright information.

Step 4:

Now Python is ready to read new command. Lets execute the following commands one by one.

Command -1 : print(“Prisoft Technology”)
Command -2 : primt(“Prisoft Technology”)

First command is correct and but second one has syntax error, here is the response from Python.

Python IDLE : Development mode

Step 1: Start a New Window by clicking on File then New File in the Python Shell.

Step 2: Under the Shell a new File will appear. Type “Prisoft Technology” in the new Window.

Step 3: Then Save the file by clicking on File then select the Save option. We save it as Prisoft

Step 4: To Run the Program Click on the Run and then Run Module.

You can see the program run in the shell

Here, you can also see the location where the file is saved after the shell restarts.

Python IDLE : Syntax and Shell Colors

Syntax Color Shell Color
Keywords Orange Console output Brown
Strings Green Stdout Blue
Comments Red Stderr Dark green
Definitions Blue Stdin Black

Python command line interface

There are some users who prefer command line intersection, rather than a GUI interface. To go Python command line, click on the windows button, go to apps and you can see the python you have installed. Click on the Python 3.5 (32-bit) under Python 3.5.

Here is the screen shot of Python command line interface. To return type exit() or Ctrl+Z plus Enter key.

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