Quickstart Using the Web UI

You can use the BigQuery web UI as a visual interface to complete tasks like running queries, loading data, and exporting data.

Step 1: Create a Cloud Platform project

  • Open the link and provide the Credentials –  https://console.cloud.google.com/cloud-resource-manager. It displays the Manage resources page. Click on Create Project.

  • Provide a name for the project and click on Create.


  • After the project gets created move to Google BigQuery Web UI. You can make the Project created as Default by using the ‘Switch to Project’ option as shown.



Step 2: Create a Dataset and Load Data

  • Click the down arrow icon next to your project name in the navigation, then click Create new dataset.


  • Input the following name for the dataset ID. Next click OK.


  • Drop down the Dataset and now select ‘Create New Table’.



  • Under Source Data, click the Choose file Navigate to the data and select a csv file to upload. Under Destination Table, provide the name for the new Table. Under Schema choose Automatically Detect Check Box. Finally hit Create Table option.


  • The status of loading the data can be viewed in Recent Jobs.



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