Renaming Dimension Table Columns In Data Modeler

Renaming Dimension Table Columns In Data Modeler

Column names in the dimension tables were derived from the denormalized database table column names. To make it easier for business analysts who create analyses to understand the subject area objects, it is a good practice to use more meaningful column names.

  1. In Data Modeler, click Lock to Edit button.

lock to edit button

  1. The Information dialog box displays confirming that you have successfully locked the model for editing.

information dbox

  1. Click OK. The model is locked by the current user for editing.

locked by current user

  1. Expand the Data Model accordion, and double-click the table in which you want to rename columns. For example,Customers.

 ren first

  1. In the Name column, click CUST_BIRTH_DT.

The properties of the CUST_BIRTH_DT column are displayed.


  1. In the Name text box, enter Cust Birth Date, and click Done.

The CUST_BIRTH_DT column is renamed to Cust Birth Date.


  1. Repeat steps 4 through 6 to rename the remaining columns in the Customers dimension table as specified in the following table :


  1. New column names are displayed in the Customers dimension table.


  1. Following the above steps, you can the rename the other dimension table columns.

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