Secure Agent

  • The Secure Agent is the light weight engine that moves data between¬† sources and targets. It is a self upgrading application that runs behind the Firewall.¬† As it runs within a network, the agent provides secure access to local Data Sources.
  • As it runs the integration job locally, the local data is never uploaded to Informatica Cloud Server.
  • It can be installed both in Windows and Linux Machines.
  1. To download and install the Secure Agent, Log in to Informatica Cloud and navigate to Configure –> Runtime Environments.


2. Next Click on the Download Secure Agent.


3. Install the downloaded file either in Windows or Linux Environment. At the end of the installation process you need to register the Secure Agent by providing Informatica Cloud Username and password.


4. After getting successfully registered, you will notice that the Secure Agent status is up and running.


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