Tableau 10.4 New Features

1.Downgrade and Publish

In tableau 10.4 we can downgrade to a version (10.2 and earlier) to publish the report to server.

2.Certified Data Source

Certified data sources are carefully chosen by site administrators and project leaders. These data sources are supported by both Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Recommended data sources include personally certified ones and others automatically picked for you based on usage patterns at your organization. These data sources are supported by Tableau Server.

3.MATLAB Integration

MATLAB combines a high-level language that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks in an authoring environment built for engineers and data scientists. Because of its variety of capabilities for developing algorithms and predictive models (from statistics and optimization to machine learning), MATLAB has many applications: signal and image processing, communications, control design, test and measurement, financial modelling, and computational biology.




4.Adding Discussion

We can now add discussion/comments to our reports. Work with your colleagues, discuss inflection points, even attach a viz snapshot to bring attention to a specific detail or view.




5.Linear geometry shapefiles

Tableau now supports linear geometries in addition to polygon and point shapefiles. Easily visualize networks including roads and transportation routes with all the power of Tableau analytics. Join, filter, and visualize all your spatial file data.




6.Dashboard Spacing

Now we can adjust the spacing between the dashboard items.




7.Okta Mobile Connect

Tableau now provides integration with Okta Mobile connect providing a seamless and safer way for single sign on users.




8.Other Features

  • Connection to Denodo
  • ODBC connector on the Mac
  • Oracle connector supports SSL
  • SAP GUI 7.4 support
  • High DPI support for Windows
  • Map data updates and additions

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