Tableau is an amazing data visualization platform! With it, you will be able to achieve incredible data discovery, data analysis, and data storytelling. You will accomplish all of these tasks and goals visually. Tableau is unique among all other data visualization tools because it uses VizQL, a visual query language. This means you won’t write a lot of tedious SQL or MDX or painstakingly work through wizards to select a chart type and then link components together with data.

BI Answers to Tableau

Extracting Salesforce Data to Tableau & Publishing Workbooks Online

Refreshing Data Using the Tableau Online Sync Client

Embedding your published Dashboard into a website

Date Functions In Tableau

Using Logical Functions In Tableau

String Functions In Tableau

New Features of Tableau

Clustering and other Features of Tableau 10.0

Addition of Custom Territories in Tableau 10.0

Cross Join Database Filter and Continuous Bar Chart in Tableau 10.0

Workbook Formatting and Updates

Wildcard Union in Tableau 10.0

Connecting With Google Sheets in Tableau 10.0

Tableau Redshift Optimization

Analyzing Tableau Log Files with Logshark

Tableau 10.4 New Features


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