Workbook Formatting and Updates

There is the addition of a new feature in Tableau 10.0 where you can now apply formats to the worksheets and dashboards in the workbook. And there are updates on the Workbook themes.

Workbook Formatting

After creating Reports in the workbook if you want to change the font and color of the worksheets you had to go to each worksheet and change the font and color of each worksheet manually in the previous versions but in Tableau 10.0 you do not have to do this tedious task. Rather you are provided with this new feature called the workbook formatting in which you can do this just with few clicks.

Step 1: After creating a report you can click on the Format tab in the tool bar of the Tableau 10 desktop. Then click on the workbook from the drop-down menu. This will Replace the data tab by the format tab.Then you can do the formatting of the options provided in that menu.



Step 2: Here in the below screen shot you can see that , you can change the fonts for all of the tableau workbook at once and you can also change the font of the worksheets the Tooltips and also the titles of the worksheets, dashboards and story. Here you can change the color, size & type of the font. This new new feature allows you to do the formatting easily and the applies it to all the worksheets.



Step 3 : The formatting can be done according to the following screenshot. You can click on the drop-down menu of the Font options and then you will see the menu where you can change the font design  color and size. You can do the format accordingly. To discard the changes either you can click on the Reset to Default button on the bottom to reset all the changes that you made or you can simply hover over the circle on the left hand side of each option and when you do that you will see a cross ‘X’ option then just click on that to remove the formatting for that option.




This was all about the new feature workbook formatting introduced in Tableau 10.

There are some minor changes in the Tableau 10.0:

  1. They have updated the workbook theme in which they have added the new color palettes which will be now more useful for the presentation of the reports.
  2. They have changed the design and the fonts of the Tableau 10.
  3. They have changed the interface and design the look and feel is different. It is a more cleaner interface now.

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