Ganesh Muni

Alteryx : A Brief Introduction

Abstract Modern ETL tools should be capable of extracting data from different sources like RDBMS, Flat files, Cloud Data-Stores, Data Lakes, Warehouses etc. and should smoothly build integration between them. Data transformations or pre-processing tasks have become complex because of variety of data often in semi-structured or un-structured form. Data pre-processing tasks are now preparing …

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AWS Kinesis Data Firehose

Lots of data in petabyte scale is generated every moment and to analyze these data quickly is getting tough for organizations. Streaming data makes the job even more complex. AWS comes with a solution called Kinesis, which is capable to collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data, so that we can get timely insights and react accordingly.

Automate Data Pipeline with Glue, Lambda and CloudWatch

Abstract Data pipeline is a set of operations, starting from getting data, transforming them and moving them to required destination for process and analysis. In Amazon we have Redshift, a petabyte scale data warehouse, where the data is stored for faster analysis. Data can be moved to Redshift swiftly from Amazon S3 with copy command …

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